Engineering Work and Functions

Engineering Work and Functions reserved for Persons registered in Professional Categories with ECSA.

1. Identified Work

(1)        Engineering work identified for professional categories of persons registered with ECSA is work which -

(a) involves in its execution one or more of the following characteristics:

(i)   investigation and solving of problems and design solutions;

(ii)   application of knowledge and technology engineering based on mathematics, basic sciences and engineering sciences, information technology as well as specialist and contextual knowledge;

(iii)   management of engineering works;

(iv)  the addressing of the impacts of engineering work including the application of engineering principles and methods in the identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of risk; or

(v)  the exercising of judgment and the taking of responsibility for engineering work; and

(b) falls within the scope of any types of work identified in section 2 of this schedule; and

(c) requires for its performance, any of the functions listed in section 3 of this schedule; and

(d) requires for its execution any of the minimum level of competencies identified in section 4 of this Schedule

(2) Management of engineering works is the co-ordinated activities required to:

(a) direct and control everything that is constructed or results from construction or manufacturing operations;

(b) operate engineering works safely and  in the manner intended;

(c) return engineering works, plant and equipment to an acceptable condition by the renewal, replacement or mending of worn, damaged or decayed parts;

(d) direct and control engineering processes, systems, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of equipment;

(e) maintain engineering works or equipment in a state in which it can perform its required function; or

(f) mitigate risks relating to health, safety and the environment and the functioning of such works.

 (3) Risk in relation to engineering works is the chance of something happening that is a source of potential harm to or has the potential to negatively impact upon health, safety, or environment in relation to or the functioning of such works.

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